Hashflare profit calculator

Thousands of cloud cryptocurrency miners already use Hashflare. Everyone needs to know in advance the size of profit he could receive with Hashflare. For this reason, the platform has developed an exclusive Hashflare profit calculator.

General information

Your profit from using Hashflare to mine crypto currencies is always calculated using the deduction of operating costs from income.

The income itself consists of daily payouts. The type of hashrate you use regulates the number of payouts. In order to estimate your projected profit, you need to use one of the offered Hashflare profit calculators.

  • SHA-256 – for bitcoin;
  • Scrypt – for litecoin;
  • ETHASH – for ethereum;
  • X11 – for DASH;

Deduct from your daily income all operating costs (maintenance and electricity fees) of $0.0035 for each 10 GH/s of SHA-256 and $0.005 for every 1 MH/s of Scrypt.

Attention! ETHASH, X11, and EQUIHASH contracts have no operating costs.

The sum, which you finally get, will be your expected profit.

How to count up your Hashflare profit?

Are you excited about how much can you potentially get with Hashflare? Let`s do it together. To count up your projected Hashflare profit, see the table below. Let`s consider the following example.

Bitcoin mining
Contract SHA-256
Term 1 year
Minimal price ($) 1.50 per 10 GH/s
Deposit amount ($) 1,000
Expected profit ($) 5602.06 – 7158.19 which equals 0.30 – 0.38 BTC
Litecoin mining
Contract Scrypt
Term 1 year
Minimal price ($) 7.50 per 1 MH/s
Deposit amount ($) 1,000
Expected profit ($) 2038.42 – 2604.64 which equals 0.11 – 0.14 BTC
Ethereum mining
Contract ETHASH
Term 1 year
Minimal price ($) 2.20 per 100 KH/s
Deposit amount ($) 1,000
Expected profit ($) 1575.25 – 2012.82 which equals 0.08 – 0.11 BTC
DASH mining
Contract X11
Term 1 year
Minimal price ($) 3.20 per 1 MH/s
Deposit amount ($) 1,000
Expected profit ($) 233.93 – 298.91 which equals 0.01 – 0.02 BTC
ZCASH mining
Term 1 year
Minimal price ($) 2.00 per 1000 mH/s
Deposit amount ($) 1,000
Expected profit ($) 1750.43 – 2236.66 which equals 0.09 – 0.12 BTC

Attention! Your income directly depends on currency fluctuations and the complexity of mining.


Now you know how to estimate your expected profit with Hashflare. All calculations are absolutely mathematically correct and transparent. Just purchase a contract and start mining!